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Seeds of Debt - Trailer

A very strong message on the plight of Indian farmers being driven deeper into financial entrapment. Forced to buy seeds from Syngenta, the poor farmers are forced to take loans at rates of around 60% to provide funds for the purchase. Suicides and total wipe out is what has happened to many poor farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India. A very sad documentary, and warrants positive and quick remedial action from the central and state government to help these farmers.

Watch the full video here.


Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO's - Full Movie

A very well documented full length movie. It's a must see documentary, put together meticulously by a group of scientists. Debunks all the lies put forward by Monsanto, the company that also gave us Agent Orange. Why has FDA abdicated from its responsibility to protect the public?


The Danger of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetable in Kids and Adults - The Dr Oz Show

A well balanced opinion on about the potential dangers of pesticides from Dr Oz Show. The benefits of Organic vs conventional fruits and vegetables. How much changes do we need to make?



Eugene, Oregon Bans Bee Killing Pesticides


Eugene, Oregon has banned pesticides that can kill bees, taking a stand against the wave of bee collapse at the hands of harsh human pesticides.


EU Bans Bee Killing Pesticide


A One-Minute video clip. Explains the ban which puts restrictions on the use of several pesticides made by Bayer in Germany, and one made by Syngenta in Switzerland.



HARDtalk - Mike Mack - CEO, Syngenta


Hard hitting BBC HARDTalk host, Stephen Sackur takes on the CEO of Syngenta, Michael Mack on controversial issues related to GM food production & increased use of pesticides with GMO. Portraying a role of "knight in shining armour", he sees Syngenta's solution in GM as the answer to world food problems. Unfortunately this is far from the truth as Stephen puts it.

Part 1 Part 2


HARDtalk - Mark Lynas British author, journalist and environmental activist


This interview with Mark Lynas further exemplifies the challenges faced by the Anti-GMO campaigners. While Stephen systematically questions Mark on the issues of GM, it can be said that GM companies have done their homework and have an answer for all issues whether right or wrong.

Part 1 Part 2


The People vs. Agrochemical TNCs

A Permanent People's Tribunal (PPT) convened in December 2011 to indict agrochemical transnational corporations (TNCs) for cases brought by farmers, agricultural workers, Indigenous Peoples, fisherfolk, women, children and youth, scientists, consumers, and activists.


PPT Session on Agrochemical TNCs Trailer